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Henry VIII

January 3rd, 2015 12-3pm @ Nashville Main Library

The Nashville Shakespeare Festival invites you to read every play
Shakespeare wrote, out loud in a reading circle. Once a month,
we will gather to read one of the works of William Shakespeare,
beginning with the first play he wrote and ending with his last. No
need to commit to the whole canon, but if you’ve ever wanted to
say “Yeah, I’ve read all of Shakespeare’s plays," this is the perfect
opportunity to achieve that lofty goal!

HOW IT WORKS: We meet at 11:50am. There will be 16 chairs in a
circle and whoever wants to read out loud can choose one of
the 16. There will be additional seating available for anyone who
wants to read along silently. (Although we might ask you to pipe in
for crowd scenes!)  The reading starts at 12:00 pm. We will take a

15 minute break in the middle of each play. During the

break readers inside the circle can give up their seats to anyone

outside of the circle who would like a turn to read out loud. Some

copies of the play will be available, but please bring your

own if possible.

IT’S FREE & FUN!  Readings at the Nashville main library are on the first Saturday afternoon of each month (the second Saturday in certain months - see schedule). 

Readings will always be free and open to the public. Hearing these

plays read aloud will give you much more insight into the depth of

Shakespeare’s works.

EVERYONE’S WELCOME! We welcome all voices, all dialects!
This is intended to be a fun time, so bring your sense of humor.

Shakespeare Allowed! is located at the Nashville Main Library

Reading calendar:

Henry VI Part I

January 7, 2012


Henry VI Part II

February 4, 2012


Henry VI Part III

March 3 , 2012


Richard III

April 7, 2012


Titus Andronicus

May 5, 2012


The Comedy of Errors

June 2, 2012


The Taming of the Shrew

July14, 2012


The Two Gentlemen of Verona

August 4, 2012


Love’s Labor’s Lost

September 1, 2012


Richard II

October 6, 2012


King John

November 3, 2012


Romeo & Juliet

December 1, 2012


A Midsummer Night’s Dream

January 5, 2013


The Merchant of Venice

February 2, 2013


The Merry Wives of Windsor

March 2, 2013


Henry IV Part I

April 6,2013


Henry IV Part II

May 4, 2013

Much Ado About Nothing

June 1, 2013

As You Like It

July 6, 2013

Julius Caesar

August 3, 2013


Henry V

September 7, 2013



October 5, 2013

Twelfth Night

November 2, 2013

All's Well that Ends Well

December 7, 2013


January 4, 2014


Measure for Measure

Febuary 1, 2014


King Lear

March 1, 2014


April 5, 2014


May 3, 2014


June 7, 2014


Timon of Athens

July 12, 2014


Troilus & Cressida

August 2, 2014


Antony & Cleopatra

September 6, 2014


The Winter’s Tale

October 4, 2014


The Tempest

November 1, 2014



December 6, 2014


Henry VIII

January 3, 2015


The Two Noble Kinsmen

February 7, 2015



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